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History That Inspires

History [ his-tuh-ree, his-tree ]


Past events connected with someone or something.

When we reimagine a piece of furniture, we consider the lines, the curves, the hardware, the size, and the time period the piece was originally crafted. Sometimes the ideas come right away, and other times, a bit of trial and error is involved until the piece evolves into a unique Inspiration53 original.

On occasion, we get lucky and discover special clues that give us a glimpse into the history of a piece, potentially inspiring our artist to move in a direction that honors the past.

Not too long ago we received a french provincial bedroom suite from the 1960s. Eager to get started, we began prepping the piece for its revival. Upon opening one of the drawers, we were excited to find a beautiful peek into the previous life of the suite.

Piecing the small details together, we were able to surmise that the original owners had a little girl and a little boy who thoughtfully sent letters home to their parents when they were away on holiday with their grandparents.

One letter from the young boy, speaks of time in Florida and the difference between the ocean and a swimming pool (guessing this was their first visit to the ocean). The younger girl’s letter mimics her brother’s sentiments, speaking to the saltiness of the ocean water.

In addition to the wonderful letters from Florida, there were Easter drawings by the children, Doug and Lori. Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and happy family figures shared their certain excitement for this special family holiday.

The flashbacks that these sweet, sentimental letters and artwork shared, inspired our artist, to move towards warm, soft, pastels with a pop of sunny color...reminiscent of a balmy, Florida evening sky. The culmination of this particular collaboration between the past and the present is a splendid piece redressed as the sun setting into the salty, turquoise water.

While the reimagination of any Inspiration53 original is never truly determined until the last detail is complete, the history of a piece can often motivate our creative direction to share pieces of the past through color and design.

Thank you Lori and Doug (authors of the letters) for the inspiration(53)!


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