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Sandy Beach

About Us

Our History...


We, Tracey, the redhead and Michelle, the blonde, started out as church friends who loved drama (performance art, not the other kind). Before we knew it we were cultivating a friendship that would last a lifetime. Fast forward almost 20 years later and here we are embarking on a new chapter together! So much has happened over the years including moving 1500 miles away from one another, raising 5 kids between our two families, MANY adventures between us and otherwise, many tears, many cheers, and many many years of friendship and memories! All of which have given us the adventurous nature and courage to take the plunge into business together. 

A little bit about our business and why we decided to travel down the furniture and decor path. Tracey decided a few years ago, while still in Colorado, to pick up furniture painting...a hobby that grew into a wonderful small business. Her creative process and vision to re-inspire and repurpose vintage furniture has proven to be the foundation of our new venture. She has the magic touch and creates marvelous products full of color and character! Michelle on the other hand, brings staging talents, marketing and design skills, and business acumen to the business. Each of our gifts and passions are supported and complemented by what the other brings to our team. 

With the well-wishes and support of each of our families, we made the moves from Colorado and Georgia to start this new chapter. In just under a year, God provided an opportunity that we could not overlook, and here we are ready to open our own shop! A HUGE shout out to the people in our tribes that have supported this dream along the way...we could not have done it (or continue to do it) without you all! It certainly takes a village to continue to raise two women with lots of vision and many dreams!

After being small business owners and creatives prior to having our own shop, we promised ourselves if we ever were given the opportunity to help others with a similar mindset, dream, and aesthetic vibe, we would! It is our hope to promote and support other artists, so if you are looking for a space to advance your brand, we welcome a discovery conversation to see if Coastal Character would be right for your art/products. We look forward to hearing from you!

It is our hope to provide the surrounding communities with unique shopping experiences through Coastal Character's eclectic collections and thoughtful service. We look forward to bringing inspiration and character into your lives with amazing furnishings, decor, design motivation, future DIY workshops, gifts, and more.


See you soon!

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